Step 1

Required documents

  • Scanned copy of Passport
  • Scanned copy of local National Identity Card e.g Adhar Card – India
  • Scanned copy of all academic and transcript of results
  • Personal statement
    • Why have you chosen Stephen Business School
    • What is your objective for following your chosen course
  • 1 Reference Letter from past institution
  • 1 Passport sized photo (Format: JPG or PNG)

Step 2

Verification of Documents

The submitted documents are verified by the Admissions Office and the Academics Department.

Step 3

English Literacy Interview

The Country Manager of Stephen Business School contacts the student and establishes an appointment to test the English language competency of the student.

The evaluation is done by means of a video call (Microsoft Teams or Zoom)

Step 4

Review Process

If Stephen Business School approves the application of the student, the Admissions Officer shall send a “Conditional Offer Letter” to the student.

Step 5

Visa Submission Process

If the student wishes to enroll in Stephen Business School, he will have to send the following documents:

  • "Application to enter Mauritius" form duly filled and signed by applicant (Original)
  • Two passport size photograph (Original)
  • Photocopy of bio data page of passport valid beyond stay
  • Letter of admission - TVET/recognized institution (Original)
  • Letter of acceptance from student (Original)
  • Duly signed & sealed covering letter stating duration & course start date from institution or educational establishment (Original)
  • Bank statement (last 6 months) (Original) plus (+) Copy of ID passport from parents or guardian Letter of sponsorship / Affidavit from parents or guardian
  • Bank certificate (Original)
  • Accommodation Letter (Original) Proof of address in Mauritius Copy of ID of tenant
  • Medical Certificate from Country of Origin
    • * HIV (Original)
    • * Hepatitis B (Original)
    • * Chest X-Ray Report (Original)
  • Police Clearance Certificate (Original)
  • Attested academic certificates

Step 6

Visa Application

Stephen Business School will submit the Visa Application to the Passport and Immigration Office if all the required documents satisfy the Immigration criteria.

Note: The Visa process can take 14 days or more depending on workload at the Passport and Immigration Office.

Step 7

Fees Payment

The student is informed once his 3 months entry visa has been issued by the Passport and Immigration Office. Related invoice is issued by the Finance Section.


  • A student can travel to Mauritius only after completing his fees payment.
  • No installment facilities are available for international students.
  • Student has to plan his travel to Mauritius so as not to miss his course start date.

Step 8

Pre-travel counselling

The Country Manager will organize a pre-travel counselling session with the student after the latter has booked his flight ticker and provide all necessary guidance.

*The Management holds the final decision to accept or reject any admission.